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Dr. Dr. Φώτης Β. Εξάρχου

D.D.S., Dipl. Funct. Dent., Dipl. Orth., M.S.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.
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Dr. Dr. Fotios V. Exarchou

D.D.S., Dipl. Funct. Dent., Dipl. Orth., M.S.D., Ph.D., Ph.D.

28th Octobriou 49
45333 Ioannina
Tel.:+30 26510 32190
Fax:+30 26510 32484
e-Mail: info@exarchou.gr

Lingual Orthodontics

Why Lingual Orthodontics?

A growing number of adults seek orthodontic treatment. Most of the adults prefer a treatment of dental malformations with “invisible” or almost “invisible” methods, because they desire to achieve the therapy goals without aesthetic losses. Even among the teenagers there is a growing need for a treatment of dental malformations without the usage of visible methods.

The orthodontist, definitely has to choose, wherever it is possible, the appliances and mechanisms that have the best results not only in the aesthetic field during the therapy, but also in the final result of the intervention. A stable orthodontic mechanism that is applied on the lingual (non visible) teeth surface, covers both of the needs mentioned above.


a. A cosmetic result. The lingual braces are completely invisible during any movements of the lips (talking, laughing etc.). Therefore, there is no case of a bad aesthetic result in the area of the face. Even if the widely used labial braces are made from aesthetic clear material, they are still visible in patient’s mouth. This is the reason that many adults, who are interested for an orthodontic treatment of dental malformations, avoid this method of therapy.

b. Decalcifications and tooth decay.

Despite the use of prevention methods in order to avoid the damage of the enamel during the orthodontic therapy, white spots are something usual and can be seen after the removal of the appliance. These decalcifications are considered as the biggest problems for the orthodontist, because they degrade the orthodontic result. Many scientific papers prove that when the therapy last more than 24 months, even in cases of excellent oral hygiene with implementation of prevention techniques, white spots are inevitable.

c. Greater durability of enamel regarding to tooth decay due to the differentiation of its prisms in comparison with the labial surface and due to the continuous presence of saliva that is produced from the sublingual gland.

d. Easier transverse expansion of the upper dental arch.

e. Better and easier frontal deep overbite correction.

f. Better biomechanical treatment model for patients with periodontal disease, due to the implementation of the bracket behind the rotating center of the teeth.


a. The high cost of the appliance, because of the extra laboratory procedures that are required.

b. Difficult to find an orthodontist using the specific technique for all possible treatments of his adult patients.


Lingual Orthodontics is the appropriate choice for many adults and teenagers that need orthodontic treatment and promotes a combination of a perfect aesthetics during the therapy as well as excellent therapeutic results.

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